“Kötü Karakter” the first single of Evren Uysal is about an “evil” which is inside everybody and come to life amongst beautiful colors and happy memories but is not forgiver at all. The phases of being good or evil which creates the biggest ambiguity and bias of our times, are totally shaped in flesh and bones with “Kötü Karakter”.

We know Evren Uysal as one of the figures of Dream TV and the host of Dream Haber as the singer of Turkish rock group FOMA. Evren Uysal who made 1 album, 2 EPs and 5 video clips with Turkish rock band FOMA and had a stunning stage performance, now is embarking on an adventure with his solo “Kötü Karakter” born from the depths of his own world. The first lead of the album “Kötü Karakter” written, composed, arranged and produced by Evren Uysal, is described as his first steps toward his popular urban poet and singer career.

In the video clip of “Kötü Karakter” directed by the photography artist Mehmet Turgut, Evren Uysal is accompanied by the actress Maria Tatar. The state of being “evil” is represented over the human relationships as the common theme of the video clip.

Lyric Writer, Composer and Arrangement: Evren Uysal
Recording Studio: Vibes, Istanbul
Recording Engineer & Editing: Mehmet İncili
Mix & Mastering: Erim Arkman, Istanbul
Mastering for iTunes: Mika Jussila, Finnvox-Helsinki
Cello & Strings Arrangement: Yasemin Özler
Drums: Arcan Akduman
Bass: Gürkan Bozacı
Keys, Synth: Burak Irmak
Violin: Selen Kesova
Loop: Erim Arkman
Vocals & Guitars: Evren Uysal
Photographers: Mehmet Turgut, Fethi Karaduman, Selin Önel
Single Cover Photo: Selin Önel
Graphic Design: Berkcan Okar

Kötü Karakter

2016 Evren Uysal © ALL RIGHT RESERVED.